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for Schools, Healthcare, Hospitality and Libraries

K-12 is complicated. We can help.

When I worked in a school district, I had 20 buildings to manage and oversaw a total of eight remodels. The day-to-day operations of managing staff, planning menus, working out budgets and other tasks combined with these larger projects to improve my spaces was a lot to handle.

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Palmer Hamilton Design provides a turn-key service, including pre-design consultation with students and staff, design presentations of layout and graphics and selection of furnishings all the way through manufacturing and installation– all coordinated and managed by one team.


PHabLAB by Palmer Hamilton is a project-based learning (PBL) environment that combines collaboration, design thinking, and digital fabrication for the purpose of exploration and complex problem solving.​

All academic disciplines can leverage a PHabLAB to teach STEAM fundamentals and career/technical skills.

Innovative Design and Furnishing Solutions by Market

Cafeteria Tables attached stools in school


We design furnishings that enhance the student experience. 

Age-appropriate design that accommodates more students with increased seating and managed traffic flow creates an inviting, safe and fun environment for all to enjoy.

Chariot Cafeteria Booths with Tables


Specializing in creating unique seating options for your dining facilities and waiting areas.

No longer can you plan your space for a person to just come and eat, you need to design it with flexible furniture that accommodates laptops, backpacks, group discussions and dining.



Creating effective and flexible areas like lounges, dining, and multipurpose rooms.

Palmer Hamilton provides furnishings for corporate spaces that assist in making unproductive, in between spaces productive.

Higher Education Furniture


Our expertise lies in dining areas, cafeterias and social areas.

The college dining facility has become one big living and social area. They come to eat, talk, read and collaborate. A flexible furniture design can accommodate electronics, backpacks, group discussions and eating.

Corporate Lunchroom Table and stools


We provide drawings, layouts, traffic flow, renderings and full designs. 

Palmer Hamilton provides flexible furnishing solutions to unique challenges, like wireless charging tables or custom graphics.

Library Furniture


We assist clients in achieving proactive learning and teaching environments.

Palmer Hamilton is the leader in product and design for state-of-the-art library and media resource spaces. We assist clients in achieving proactive learning and teaching environments.

Palmer Hamilton, LLC, is proud of our commitment to the employer-employee relationship where we strive to create a dynamic team culture of openness, trust, and integrity in all business practices. We are looking for individuals who are excited to join our team and be part of a growing, successful organization.

When you become part of the Palmer Hamilton team, you will experience a safe, dynamic, open and transparent company culture with many opportunities for personal growth.