Quickship Bench Table

12ft Folding Bench Table (19f)

EdgeGuard™, Black Frame

19F mobile cafeteria table folds flat and is UL listed for safety! Not only is this table easy to operate, it features field adjustable height adjustment, "EdgeGuard™" sprayed on polyurea edge, and patented anti-glide legs.

Quickship Table

60" Round Folding Stool Table (59T)

EdgeGuard™, Black Frame

Torsion Bard and torsion springs work together to provide long-lasting lift assistance. One of the easiest lifting cafeteria tables on the market. The 59T is 60" round and includes 8 stools and EdgeGuard™, a polyurea sprayed on edge that is resistant to moisture and nearly tamper proof.

Quickship Flip Table

60" Round PHlip Folding Top Table

EdgeGuard™ 3/4" Top, Black or Silver Frame

Quickly move the tables to rearrange your space or to nest/store the tables. The tops are simple to flip down into a stored position and flip back to the in use position with ease. Features black EdgeGuard™ and a black frame or silver frame.

Five Laminate Choices