Cafeteria / Lunchroom

We bring your school spirit to life. Transform your school lunchroom into a sleek, modern food court that increases usage and promotes engagement for your student community.

Palmer Hamilton makes it easy for you to create state-of-the-art dining, cafeteria, and café spaces in your K-12 school or campus environment. Our collaborative design services, turn-key solutions, and high-quality products can help you do more with your space.

Cafeteria Lunchroom Products

Cafeteria Bench Table (19F)

Cafeteria Tables

Wall Pocket Tables

Wall Pocket Tables

Re-load Multipurpose Table

Multipurpose Tables

higher education chairs


HIVE Seating

Booths & Benches

Covey Indoor or Outdoor Tables and Attached Chairs

Outdoor Furniture

crowd control line guards

Traffic Flow

Remote Serving Carts

Serving Lines

Waste/Recycling Receptacles

Waste Receptacles

Cashier Cabinets



Turn your vision into reality. PH Design offers turn-key design, manufacturing and installation for dining and social spaces.

  • Pre-design consultation with students and staff
  • Full design layout with furnishings and finishes
  • Custom art and graphics
  • Logos
Cafeteria Tables attached stools in school

Decor Packages

Palmer Hamilton decor packages include a combination of custom designed ceiling-hung, wall-mounted and window graphics and banners. Wall murals, menu boards, window treatments and serving line graphics are popular components of our overall design.

Age-appropriate design that accommodates more students with increased seating and managed traffic flow creates an inviting, safe and fun environment for all to enjoy.

Palmer Hamilton’s professional interior and graphic design team will walk you through the entire process. You will have full access to the best design team in the industry, with well over 100 years of dining design experience.

Cafeteria & Lunchroom Spaces

The cafeteria or dining space is a school’s most used and most versatile area, where students, faculty and staff are empowered to relax, enjoy meals, and socialize. These high-traffic areas need high-quality and long-lasting tables, seating, and serving furnishings.

No matter your needs, Palmer Hamilton’s innovative designs can make it happen:

Palmer Hamilton PHDesigns is committed to creating an inviting, safe, and fun cafeteria environment for your whole school to enjoy, whether you need to seat 15 people or 1,500.

Our experienced, reliable interior and graphic design team makes it easy by walking you through the entire process from vision to installation.


Turn a good facility into a great one with our innovative design services:

  • Boost school spirit with décor packages that include custom-designed graphics, murals, and logos for walls, menu boards, windows and serving lines.
  • Increase seating and improve traffic flow to welcome more students.
  • Enhance space flexibility with heavy-duty casters on cashier/condiment stations, waste receptacles, serving stations, and foldable tables.
  • Improve staff experience with luxury booths that provide an oasis during breaks or between classes

Do more with your space. Palmer Hamilton can show you how.

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