Multipurpose Tables

Palmer Hamilton is the industry leader in product and design for state-of-the-art dining, cafeteria, and café spaces for the K-12 school and campus environments. Multipurpose tables provide educators solutions that adapt with the curriculum. Palmer Hamilton offers variety and flexible tables to create the learning environments for all education models, examples including traditional, Montessori, and makerspaces. The furniture solutions fit all needs, applications, and budgets. Palmer Hamilton knows how all details can transform the educational environment to the benefit of all, and how to optimize your school space with the correct furniture selection for your application to meet your seating capacities.

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Multipurpose Tables Offer Flexibility and Comfort

Multipurpose tables offer the flexibility and comfort to make stressful environments much more inviting. Settings such as hospitals and universities rely on furniture that both represents the function of the space and has a flow conducive to productivity. Providing the perfect solution to fit any space is the driving force behind the products we offer at Palmer Hamilton. Table and seating combinations can help make the most out of any amount of space, providing comfort in any form factor you can need.

University and primary school furniture has what is possibly the widest array of applications needing to be addressed with tables. The multiple types of classwork, studying, collaboration and team projects can be facilitated using state-of-the-art multipurpose tables. Tables with attached stools are a perfect example of handling high traffic areas often used by small groups. The attached stools remove the need to manage seating while still allowing for spacing between guests, keeping everyone comfortable.

Looking for places for students or customers to collaborate and talk openly? Pedestal tables are the iconic round-topped table found in cafes and libraries worldwide. These tables fit beautifully in any area for a smart solution to seating concerns. Being an industry leader in innovation, selection and service, we audit our table selections frequently to provide only the most versatile furnishings available.

Long-term use of tables needs not only comfortable seating, but a modern table providing solutions to problems that could pull members away from the table. Conversation tables provide ample space for belongings or project materials for up to 8 people with powered USB and outlet connections directly on the table, keeping laptops and phones charged while everyone chats or discusses meeting information. Breakroom tables provide easy space management no matter the space they are in. No matter your space, budget or occupancy numbers, Palmer Hamilton is here to help you get the most out of the space you've created.