Outdoor Furniture

Palmer Hamilton collection of outdoor furniture and seating solutions are durable, functional, and weather-resistant. These quality manufactured solutions can easily upgrade outdoor settings at schools, parks, churches, and even homes. Consider adding personalization, logos, mascots, or tribute names. Outdoor furniture adds capacity beyond the facility walls into the outdoors; benches, tables, receptacles, and chairs add capacity for lunchrooms, cafeterias, cafes, and schools.

Outdoor Furniture from Palmer Hamilton

Outdoor furniture has the unique challenge of pairing comfortability with endurance against the elements. Each piece must be aesthetically pleasing and easily recognizable as a seating option no matter where on the property a guest spots it from. Palmer Hamilton understands these needs and offers iconic styles of outdoor tables, benches and chairs to give your campus or building even more curb appeal.

Our New Getzen Concrete Benches And Tables

An outdoor furniture line that is extremely durable and can last in any setting. The Getzen Concrete line has a full suite of options, from concrete tables and concrete benches to outdoor desks and lecterns with all the accessories to complete the line.

Outdoor Furniture for Schools, Students and Faculty

Outdoor table and chairs for SchoolsFor students, having outdoor school furniture can be the exact change of scenery needed to promote collaboration and creativity. Outdoor tables such as the Covey have fixed seats mounted to the ground, providing ample support and stability for projects to be placed upon or heated debates to be carried out with the table withstanding pretend gavel pounds. Creating this mini environment of worry free seating has a far greater impact than the eye can see.

The Centra outdoor table comes in attached or separate bench seating. Made of long lasting and eco responsible polywood, it can adapt to indoor and outdoor settings like cafeterias, classrooms, labs, and outdoor plazas and parks.

For more transient locations such as cafeterias and cafes, outdoor pub height tables are a great choice for those just looking to stand around and conversate as well as parties enjoying a full evening of food and drinks. We offer Getzen styled pedestal tables with adjustable heights and strong engineering, allowing it to become a favorite table to someone for years to come.

Corporate Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor table and chairs for corporate officeTiki tables and outdoor chairs help bring more style into an outdoor seating area. With a wood and metal composition, the contrast between materials bridges the gap between indoor comfort and outdoor suitability. Perfect for company cookouts or outdoor projects, these tables and chairs are sure to fit right into an existing setup or be the start of something new. Umbrellas can always be added to outdoor furniture as well, truly making them options rain or shine.

Larger school and medical campus needs don't stop at outdoor tables and furniture meant for longer stints of sitting and socializing. Outdoor benches and chairs help provide comfortable resting places along walking paths or campus sidewalks. Allowing your students or guests to stop and take in the beauty of your grounds while they take in a breath of fresh air will give them the boost of energy to keep going, all thanks to a smart purchase from Palmer Hamilton's outdoor furniture line.