Higher Education Furniture

Palmer Hamilton manufactures flexible furniture for evolving spaces within the Higher Education environment. We design furnishings that enhance and will impact the student experience. Our designs and furniture assist all schools, including tech schools, universities and colleges in student recruiting and retention. Connection with the university or college and other students is paramount to select which school to attend. Our expertise lies in elevating dining, third spaces (spaces in between the dorm room and the classroom) and social areas. Our furniture is built for you! Design and define the space to be alive and on-point with your mission, school spirit and location. Our design professionals know how to bring school spirit to life using your logo, mascots, and colors. Create spaces that positively impact students and campus.

Higher Education Applications

Schools that have transformed their cafeterias have achieved revenue increases from 25% to 74%– and most recapture their initial investment in 18 months.

Palmer Hamilton is the leader in product and design for state-of-the-art lbrary spaces. We assist clients in achieving proactive learning and teaching environments.

We assist clients in achieving proactive learning and teaching environments. Supported by in house Interior and graphic designers we provide drawings, layouts, renderings and full designs.

Palmer Hamilton manufacturers furniture that renews seating areas into cafes, lounges, and recharging spaces for highly functional, flexible, and statement usage. 

Palmer Hamilton is the industry leader, we know how to optimize your space with the correct furniture selection for your application to meet your collaboration area seating capacities.

Palmer Hamilton assists clients in achieving proactive learning and teaching environments. We are the leader in product and design for state-of-the-art media resource spaces. 

Higher Education Products

PHlip Folding Table

Cafeteria Tables

aero tbase_wave-250

Multipurpose Tables

higher education chairs


HIVE Seating

Booths & Benches


Outdoor Furniture

mobile curved shelf


Chariot_Fixed booth-250

Cafe Seating

34m combo

Convertible Bench/Table

Cashier Cabinets



Nook Huddle Pod

Remote Serving Carts

Serving Lines

Heavy-duty cabinet, great for fab labs and makerspaces


Clear Safety Room Dividers

Room Dividers

crowd control line guards

Traffic Flow

Waste/Recycling Receptacles

Waste Receptacles


Turn your vision into reality. PH Design offers turn-key design, manufacturing and installation for dining and social spaces.

  • Pre-design consultation with students and staff
  • Full design layout with furnishings and finishes
  • Custom art and graphics
  • Logos

A Fab Lab or Makerspace is a place for innovation, invention, collaboration and learning using a variety of technical tools and materials through digital fabrication. Students learn to be creative and turn an idea into a reality and use in the real world. Whether called Fab Labs, STEAM Labs, Hackerspaces, or Makerspaces, these “Project-Based Learning” labs are popping up in educational institutions all around the globe.​ A Fab Lab is not just for tech courses; all STEAM classes use the spaces to enhance their curriculum.

College and University Tables and Chairs

Decor Packages

Palmer Hamilton decor packages include a combination of custom designed ceiling-hung, wall-mounted and window graphics and banners. Wall murals, menu boards, window treatments and serving line graphics are popular components of our overall design.

Age-appropriate design that accommodates more students with increased seating and managed traffic flow creates an inviting, safe and fun environment for all to enjoy.

Palmer Hamilton’s professional interior and graphic design team will walk you through the entire process. You will have full access to the best design team in the industry, with well over 100 years of dining design experience.