Leveraging STEM and Makerspaces During the COVID-19 Crisis

Makerspaces, STEM or STEAM labs, Fab Labs, and other “Project Based Learning” environments have been sought after by school districts as they build or update their facilities as they seek to bring more STEM opportunities to their students.

In designing these spaces to be efficient learning environments, we focus on flexibility of layout and furniture, appropriate equipment selections in the proper student usage ratios, and a safe working environment.

PHabLAB Selects Google Jamboard Interactive Display for Turnkey STEAM Solution

BenQ, the global exclusive distributor of Google Jamboard, is taking STEM/STEAM classrooms and project-based learning to the next level with Google Jamboard — the only display from the creators of Google. Wisconsin STEM solutions provider PHabLAB tested and selected the Jamboard for its turnkey makerspace offering. To date, the company has deployed the interactive display in 16 area schools.

Cafeteria Design Impacts Student Participation

Christian School Products Jan/Feb 2021 Cafeteria Design Impacts Student Participation By Teri Wilson-Ruggles However, as the need arises, these spaces have had to be transformed into versatile multi-purpose spaces due to increasing lack of space in schools. Since the primary use is generally for a cafeteria, nutrition directors are focused on serving nutritious meals to…