Environmental Policy & Recycled Products

Palmer Hamilton, LLC is committed to our environment by being environmentally friendly and continuing to investigate ways to save and protect our natural resources. We believe that big or small, every action that safeguards, eliminates waste and restores the environment is significant. We are continually working with our suppliers, customers and business partners in developing sustainable practices and products that will benefit the environment.

In keeping with best industry practices, Palmer Hamilton has been awarded both the UL GREENGUARD Gold Indoor Air Quality Certification® and the more stringent Children & Schools Certification™. All of our certified products will feature the UL GREENGUARD logo. This endorsement assures our customers that Palmer Hamilton is committed to maintaining the highest standards of indoor air quality.

  • Palmer Hamilton, LLC is a zero discharge facility. No production fluids (oils, water, etc.) are dumped into sanitary sewer systems, or any waterways.
  • All scrap metals are recycled.
  • Wood scrap is remade into other products, sold, or used in fuel to power projects.
  • The paint line is a powder paint system. Powder paint is considered non-hazardous and is re-used in the paint booths to maximize paint efficiency.
  • Our products' metal and wood parts can be recycled after they have reached their intended end use.
  • Scrap skids are sent to a skid re-manufacturer for reuse and building of new skids.
  • Our shipping skids are produced from this recycled material. Any hazardous materials are disposed of through proper disposal methods.
  • Flammable waste from production is used for fuel to power projects.
  • Paint wash water and glues are sent out to vendors for recycling.
  • Office paper, magazines, cardboard, printer ink cartridges, and copier toners are recycled.
  • Office paper of various types containing recycled content is purchased on an on-going basis for review and use.
  • Boxes and other packaging received in production are recycled whenever possible.
  • Aluminum cans and plastic containers are recycled.
  • Fluorescent lights, ballasts, and other hazardous lamps are recycled.
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UL GREENGUARD Certification for low chemical emission products helps demonstrate both compliance with key chemical emission standards and your commitment to healthier indoor environments.  You can learn more about this program at:

UL Greenguard lists more than 150,000 UL GREENGUARD-certified products in its online product guide. The Palmer Hamilton products are found at this link.

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Sustainability Statement