Getzen Collection

Getzen Collection tables and benches

Outdoor Seating and Furniture

Getzen is Palmer Hamilton's durable, functional, and weather-resistant outdoor site furnishings. Getzen provides different types of metal fabricated outdoor furnishings. These quality manufactured solutions can easily upgrade outdoor settings at schools, parks, churches, and even homes. Consider adding personalization, logos, mascots, or tribute names. We are committed to delivering products that are personalized and are finished with protective thermoplastic. We have 15 different paint colors to choose from, and we use an environment-friendly copolymer- based thermoplastic powder coating that adds durability to the metal furniture, makes it last longer, and prevents rusting, cracking, peeling, or discoloration of the paint.

Getzen Outdoor Furniture

  • Benches – Creative, aesthetic, and comfortable seating solutions add function to any outdoor space.
  • Tables – Durable and stylish designs achieve form and function. Abundant colors and options liven up your outdoor space on patios, parks, play grounds and cafeterias.
  • Receptacles – Designed trash bins keep your outdoor space clean and tidy and look appealing.
  • Chairs – Creative and functional seats are comfortable for all.