Health & Safety Solutions

We understand that the safety of your employees, students, and the general public is a top priority for all businesses and institutions. We have developed room dividers for spaces, and remote serving carts.

Protecting Populations

We are now back to in-person events, classrooms and workspaces with a greater awareness of the spread of disease. Palmer Hamilton continues to supply products to ensure safety while maintaining comfort and accessibility. Schools ranging from pre-k to college need to facilitate collaboration both in class and around campus.

Schools, offices and medical campuses are turning to room dividers to continue to protect visitors and get full use out of large meeting rooms and recreation areas. While safety concerns have restricted even the biggest rooms to one group at a time, strides in prevention technology have begun opening up doors to cooperation yet again. Room dividers can be used to break up physical education classes or allow multiple departments the use of multi-table meeting rooms while maintaining safety.

Buildings that provide hot meals or offer a cafeteria will find that keeping both diners and kitchen staff safe doesn't mean sacrificing having hot and ready food. Remote serving carts transport freshly made food directly to the dining room floor. Guests can keep a proper distance and serve themselves. Having serving carts also eliminates food waste as each cart maintains 2-3 bays. Palmer Hamilton serving carts strike a balance between weight and adequate servings. Implementing custom graphics add brand awareness or school spirit to any dining area they wheel into.