Palmer Hamilton Launches Design Service for Esports Spaces in K-12 Schools

Palmer Hamilton, a full-service provider of turnkey furniture and design solutions specializing in K-12, has added esports spaces as an offering for schools featuring gaming chairs and desks designed by RESPAWN, a manufacturer of furniture designed for gaming.

Esports, or competitive video gaming, has had a growing presence as a team sport at the professional, college and now middle and high school levels. Esports’ popularity can be attributed to its appeal to a population of students who are not drawn to traditional extracurricular activities.

“We have found in our work with RESPAWN that most of the students who join an esports team do not participate in any other team activities,” says Palmer Hamilton CEO John Gardner. “Not only does an esports space allow these kids to find a community within the school, but the encouragement and development of an official program can help many of them find lifelong careers in the gaming industry.”

By incorporating the multiple lines of gaming chairs and desks offered by RESPAWN, Palmer Hamilton designers can expand their offerings to accommodate the growing demand for esports programs and spaces in K-12. Spaces incorporating new esports products and design services can be independent or incorporated into a new or existing STEM/STEAM lab.

Schools working with Palmer Hamilton on these and any other spaces are encouraged to involve key stakeholders, including faculty, staff and students, in the design of the project to create a space that reflects the unique character of the community. In addition to the new esports capabilities, Palmer Hamilton designers can work with schools to enhance cafeterias, media centers, STEM/STEAM labs and other common areas.

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