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Cafeteria Tables

Palmer Hamilton furniture was selected for this contract because of its high quality and long lasting properties. All tables in the New York Board Contract have these features:

  • EdgeGuard™ is a sprayed on polyurea edge treatment that provides superior resistance to moisture, eliminates unsanitary food traps, and is extremely tamper resistant.  Edges stay sealed, preventing peeling and chipping.  Durable for many years of use.
  • Folding/mobile tables have torsion bars and torsion springs that work together to provide long-lasting lift assistance. One of the easiest lifting tables on the market.
  • Powdercoat finish that creates a hard textured frame finish that is tougher and longer lasting than conventional paint. Reduces chips, scratches and protects table frames.
  • Greenguard® Certification - We have been awarded the Greenguard® and Greenguard® Gold by the Greenguard® Environmental Institute. All Greenguard® products have been tested for their chemical emissions performance and can be found in the Greenguard® product guide at
  • UL Listed – Tested by Underwriters Laboratories. Meets the more stringent safety standards contained in UL Standard for Safety for Folding Rollaway Tables, UL 2040.
  • Our table tops and frames have a 15 year warranty.


Bench Table

Easy to operate, field-adjustable tabletop heights, EdgeGuard™ sprayed on polyurea edge, and patented anti-glide legs. Folds flat for compact storage.

  • Not only is this table easy to operate, it features field-adjustable tabletop heights,  Folds flat for compact storage – Six tables require less than a 5’ x 8’ footprint – industry leader!
  • Field-adjustable height from 27” to 30” high.
  • Door Clearance – Our tables easily clear standard 7’ door frames.
  • Field-adjustable table top height at 27”, 29” or 30” high.


Convertible Bench / Table

Convertible table / bench  transforms from a single-sided table, to a comfortable bench, to a full-size cafeteria table.

  • 25” High convertible table model offers lower table height.
  • Smaller size perfect for Early Childhood settings.
  • Storage Footprint = 19" deep x 4' or 6' or 8' long.



Dining furniture created to be more mobile, flexible, easy to reconfigure and store.

  • Features a seat that folds up and built-in casters allow the whole bench to be wheeled away for easy reconfiguration or storage.
  • Coordinating with the benches is our line of Aero Tables, with built-in casters that, when stationary, are rigid and do not move. The casters are activated by picking up the end of the table allowing it to be easily moved.


Conversation Table

A simple table that stands out to be the center of attention in any setting.

  • Two sided seating, these tables have plenty of leg and elbow room.
  • Side panels provide privacy and a formal, finished look in a room.

Round Tables

One of the easiest lifting tables on the market!

  • Torsion bars and torsion spring work together to provide long-lasting lift assistance. One of the easiest lifting tables on the market.
  • Standard height for door clearance – Our table’s easily clear standard 7’ door frames. One table in the stored position should occupy an area of 42.5” wide x 58” long.
  • Center legs provide additional load bearing capacity. Holds up to the rigors of the school environment.


Rally Table

The Rally table with attached seating allows you to sit or stand while you work, collaborate or dine. 

  • Bag/backpack hooks integrated into vertical columns
  • Cutting edge design – engineered for stability, durability and long lasting quality.

Story Table

Available in 4 heights, unique and stylish.

  • First story is coffee table height 16″, second story is standard height 29″, third story is counter height 36″, fourth story is 42″ high
  • Works great as a food court table
  • Tough and durable construction


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