Details Make the Difference for Common Spaces

Dave Friedman, Regional Sales Manager - West
June 7, 2023


Think of your favorite memories from school. Those moments in between classes with friends in the hallways, hanging out in the cafeteria at lunch and even bonding over last-minute study sessions in the media center can stay with you forever.

Now, think about the spaces you made those memories in. Chances are not many of them came from a classroom. Academically, classrooms and how they’re set up are crucial to the lessons and the content that students need for success, but common spaces are where they can build friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Because of the impact common spaces can have, designing them to be places students want to be is incredibly important.

Bring the “Wow”

PH Design

At Palmer Hamilton, we encourage your school to think outside the box and do more with your space™, both with décor and in choosing which spaces you choose to upgrade. No two schools are the same, and the designs should reflect the unique character of the school and its community.

Building spaces that are relevant to the students also means meeting them where they are. Don’t ignore hallways, trophy cases, drinking fountains and other more mundane aspects of the school. These are the spaces students walk by and use every day. Designs that celebrate the subject taught in the nearby classrooms, call attention to a historically successful team or even just add an interesting visual by the drinking fountain can be small details that make a big impact.

But How?

Implementing the “wow” factor can be a low-cost way to give your school a facelift as either part of a larger renovation project or as a standalone upgrade. In either case, engage with Palmer Hamilton early on to get your creative juices flowing in terms of where and how these “wow” factor spaces can make an impact on the students, the faculty and the community.

If your school is working with an architect or contractor on a project, Palmer Hamilton’s furniture and design can support their work in any capacity. We offer turnkey solutions as a one-stop shop for all the final touches, making the burden of sourcing and cost much lower on everyone involved in the project.

For schools looking for a budget-friendly upgrade that does not involve the logistics and politics of a build, Palmer Hamilton can easily make an existing space feel brand new.

Call Us Now

While commodities like new tables and chairs can be purchased anywhere, finding a company that can deliver the “wow” factor is much more unique. Contact your local Palmer Hamilton rep today to see how you can invest in the memories your students will carry with them for the rest of their lives.