Palmer Hamilton Designs Cafeterias with Taste

July 12, 2023


Is your school cafeteria providing the student experience you want?

When it comes to educational environments, Palmer Hamilton is here to help you to do more with your space™. Our experienced, accredited interior design experts are collaborative, easy to work with, and eager to bring tangible results to your school through a proven process, innovative design, and durable furnishings.

If you’re looking to transform your school lunchroom into a sleek, modern food court that students will be excited to use, our PHDesign Team is ready to help you create dynamic, flexible environments that engage students.

PHDesigners Collaborate and Communicate

Palmer Hamilton prioritizes collaboration and communication with all key stakeholders—students, teachers, school administrators and school boards, and even community members. We also work with any third-party collaborators as well.

We offer a variety of design options to fit exactly what you’re looking for in your project. Our processes begin with project intake—a comprehensive analysis of your existing space beginning with measurements and considering the electric, plumbing, and technological needs required for the overall design and plan. Our conversations with you also include gathering information around objectives, milestones, and of course budget.

Using these assessments, our PHDesigners work closely with your team to ensure all essential elements of your new space we’re looking to create are accounted for. This part of the process is highly collaborative to allow PHDesigners to fully understand the vision. Our designers use immersive, personal insight so the space can best represent school pride, account for accessibility needs, and more. If you are undertaking a new build, our PHDesigners support the architects to bring your vision to life.

Following these conversations, PHDesigners produce renderings and 3D room perspectives to ensure we have fully met your expectations with details down to the exact color you picked for your chairs. With your approval, the process for ordering and installation begins.

Your Fruits, Our Labor

Transforming a school lunchroom brings a vast array of benefits. A reimagined cafeteria or a refreshed food court can become a source of school pride and community with a design that encourages students to come to school and engage with one another in these sleek, modern environments.

When a food court becomes a social hub, it boosts belonging and identity. Instead of a place to eat lunch, it becomes a spot to share a meal with friends and peers, and a source of excitement for students. Streamlined, optimized lunch lines provide a better student experience with a more controlled environment for school nutrition staff and faculty.

One of the most tangible benefits a cafeteria transformation delivers for school administrators and school boards is an exceptional ROI. New food courts, on average, increase overall participation in school lunch program participation by 15%. Engaging students with nutritious meals allows for better learning outcomes.

Results You Will Feel

One of the most rewarding elements of cafeteria transformations is seeing how they benefit everyone—not just the students using the spaces, but the faculty and staff, and families as well.

PHDesigners visited Pixley Middle School in California in June to help them do more with their cafeteria space. This new installation offers markedly different lighting, color, and flow. With incorporated school colors and logos, the space feels alive with tables of varying shapes and sizes.

Morehouse Elementary in Louisiana and Connersville Middle School in Indiana enjoy their transformed spaces. PHDesigners create spaces that reflect the unique interests of students by incorporating insights from the people who know them best: the school faculty and staff.

Looking to transform your school cafeteria? Reach out to Palmer Hamilton, and we’ll help you do more with your space™.