Folding Table (22M/MT)

Adjustable legs from early childhood to wheelchair-accessible heights.

  • Center latches are accessible from either side. Saves time – less walking around tables. Two-stage latches have safety stop and in-use positions. Safer table operation.
  • Height-adjustable models have adjustable legs in 1” increments from 25” to 31” high. Adjusts from early childhood to wheelchair-accessible heights. (Only in H Leg.)
  • Unitized frame offers a longer lasting table that doesn’t rely on the top for its strength. Holds up to the rigors of today’s school environment. Unitized frames incorporate structural stops to eliminate application of stress to tabletops in the closed position.
  • EdgeGuard™/SmartEdge – EdgeGuard (standard) with ¾” M3 particle board. SmartEdge with ¾” M3 particle board or lightweight foam core.
Seat Type

No Attached Seating

Open Size

48", 60", 64", 72"

Open Height

27", 29", Adjustable

Top Shape

Round, Square, Oval, Hexagon, Octagon, Elongated

Wheelchair Accessible

Yes, No