PHabLAB Selects Google Jamboard Interactive Display for Turnkey STEAM Solution

PHabLAB Selects Google Jamboard Interactive Display for Turnkey STEAM Solution

By BenQ

BenQ, the global exclusive distributor of Google Jamboard, is taking STEM/STEAM classrooms and project-based learning to the next level with Google Jamboard — the only display from the creators of Google. Wisconsin STEM solutions provider PHabLAB tested and selected the Jamboard for its turnkey makerspace offering. To date, the company has deployed the interactive display in 16 area schools.

“Jamboard is designed for collaboration, harnessing the power of Google and its ongoing innovation that’s baked into its ecosystem,” said Greg Herker, director of business development at PHabLAB. “Next year and every year after that, Jamboard will still to be a new toy — without any additional investment. It’s perfect for schools and STEM environments, which are all about new ways of problem solving and the future.”

As Google Classroom quickly becomes the dominant web service for schools, Jamboard is a natural fit for classrooms and STEM/STEAM labs. Since COVID-19, Google Classroom use has surged to more than 100 million users worldwide. Because Google Workspace and Google Meet are natively integrated with Jamboard, PHabLAB knew it would offer teachers and students a rich experience with tools they already know how to use so they can get started right away. Teachers simply log into their Google Classroom account right from the screen to access all their files and apps or to start a Google Meet session. When students or instructors build content, those files can also be saved and shared with the class just as if they were working at a computer.

Jamboard delivers a seamless digital whiteboard, wireless presentation, and collaboration experience between Chromebooks, laptops, smart devices using the Jamboard app as well as other Jamboards. While familiarity and ease of use were high on the list, PHabLAB also needed a display that could promote collaboration — intuitively. The 4K UHD interactive display features an onboard wide-angle camera, microphone, and speakers. Teachers don’t have to connect, operate, or troubleshoot separate pieces of equipment to launch video conferences. With a tap of the Google Meet icon on the home screen or a link in their Google calendar, they can start and launch video conferences. Teachers have a large full-screen view of the video conference and large surface for brainstorming ideas on the whiteboard. During the call, users can switch between Meet and the whiteboard function, which is shared with everyone on the Jam. Everything created during the session is automatically saved to the Drive.

Like the rest of Google’s ecosystem, Jamboard is built on the concept of constant development. New capabilities and tools are added regularly with over-the-air updates. It’s a display that gets better with time, helping schools to develop a new generation of innovators.

With Jamboard, PHabLAB is able to go the extra mile for its customers. For example, schools are using it to recreate work environments as well as learn digital fabrication, teaching them necessary life skills that will help them in jobs after graduation. Prior to the pandemic, the company also set up the Jamboard in a school to deepen the level of collaboration and facilitate opportunities for students who are unable to attend school in-person. Last year at a tradeshow, PHabLAB’s invited students in attendance to use the Jamboard to create a presentation on-the-fly. In less than 30 minutes, they were able to brainstorm, create, and present their idea. The technology provider also outfitted the lab space at its headquarter to provide compelling customer support and training.

“There are a lot of barriers in education, but Jamboard ensures that technology isn’t one of them,” said Penny Su, business unit director, Google Jamboard & Enterprise Collaboration Solutions. “It’s not only a natural extension of the Google ecosystem but also a natural and exciting catalyst for learning.”

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