Seating is an important element to the overall success of the room; every type of room benefits from appropriate chair selections. Chairs provide proper ergonomic positions and amplify the aesthetics and design of the overall environment. Palmer Hamilton provides our customers many seating solutions with durability and personalization options. Palmer Hamilton knows how all details can transform the educational environment to the benefit of all, and how to optimize your school space with the correct furniture selection for your application to meet your seating capacities.

Choosing the Right Chair To Match Your Comfort and Seating Needs

When it comes to seating at any school or office building, striking the perfect balance between comfort, price and durability is crucial. If you are looking for seating that is suitable for long periods of sitting while being able to handle high levels of traffic on and off the seat itself, Palmer Hamilton has chairs for any situation. For the maximum comfort and durability, a larger chair, like the Spree, can withstand the weight of any client or guest. It can also hold up to high traffic areas and allow your guests to be comfortable for extended periods of time.

We understand that office spaces, whether it be for a medical, corporate, or academic, require something that has a more professional style like the Vancouver Series. This unique stackable chair, or ganging chair, is available with and without arms giving you a contemporary look while maintaining the flexibility of stacking. A contemporary chair is where you'll find the lines of fashion and value intersect for almost any situation. The right seating can set the perfect first impression as everyone who walks into a waiting room immediately seeks out the best seat, and now you can make all your seating look great and feel comfortable no matter how long the wait is.

To accommodate the high traffic at college campuses, we offer multiple lines of durable and ergonomic chairs and seating. The Kurpie is known for the European bistro style that you desire with the durability you require. Crafted with steam bent plywood, each chair is designed to provide superior ergonomic comfort with waterfall seat edges. They include a convenient notch on the back for a backpack or purse to keep off the floor.

Tiki chairs are an excellent choice for cafeterias, restaurants, and outdoor dining areas that require little maintenance to upkeep. They can withstand both heavy traffic and outdoor weather conditions making them ideal for any location. The brilliance in these chairs is that they provide the sturdiness needed for outdoor life without being too heavy to comfortably move.

The Encore Metal Series chairs offer customizable options that can be used for both outdoor and indoor spaces. You can customize the frame, back, seat, and colors based on your available space. High tops or regular seating styles are available as well to fit any scenario.

Stacking Chairs For Easy Storage

If you are looking to save space while storing your chairs, we offer multiple options for stacking, ganging, and folding chairs. For a foldable option, we have the Kendo and Venice lines. The Venice chair offers a high-end look in a folding chair that is great for quick set up and ease of storage when not in use. The Kendo chair provides a unique design with superior function which allows for nesting and stacking.

Palmer Hamilton's line of chairs and seating options truly leaves no situation unaddressed regardless of occupancy needs or budget.