Palmer Hamilton Launches Design Service for Esports Spaces in K-12 Schools

Palmer Hamilton, a full-service provider of turnkey furniture and design solutions specializing in K-12, has added esports spaces as an offering for schools featuring gaming chairs and desks designed by RESPAWN, a manufacturer of furniture designed for gaming. Esports, or competitive video gaming, has had a growing presence as a team sport at the professional,…

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Making Room for Esports in Schools

Preston Gardner, Kyle Olson, Tyler Normington   At Palmer Hamilton, we strive to provide quality furniture and décor solutions that help K-12 schools do more with their space. Our true mission, however, is to deliver environments that encourage collaboration and give every student a place where they feel welcomed and supported. This mission was the…

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How Palmer Hamilton Puts Our Knowledge to Work for You

Richard Hein, Director of Marketing – Palmer Hamilton   After so much time working in K-12 schools, we have learned a great deal more than English, math and science. Doing business with a school district is unique from most other partnerships, and being able to navigate that successfully requires in-depth knowledge and a well-rounded approach…

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Palmer Hamilton Designs Cafeterias with Taste

July 12, 2023   Is your school cafeteria providing the student experience you want? When it comes to educational environments, Palmer Hamilton is here to help you to do more with your space™. Our experienced, accredited interior design experts are collaborative, easy to work with, and eager to bring tangible results to your school through…

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Cafeteria design DOES make a difference


Makerspaces, STEM or STEAM labs, Fab Labs, and other “Project Based Learning” environments have been sought after by school districts as they build or update their facilities as they seek to bring more STEM opportunities to their students.

In designing these spaces to be efficient learning environments, we focus on flexibility of layout and furniture, appropriate equipment selections in the proper student usage ratios, and a safe working environment.

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