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Palmer Hamilton is the industry leader in product and design for state-of-the-art dining, cafeteria, and cafe spaces for the K-12 school and campus environments. Palmer Hamilton offers the most extensive and diverse selection of cafeteria tables available to meet all needs, applications, and budgets. Choose from high quality mobile bench tables, round stool tables or wall pocket table systems, indoor and outdoor furniture. We know how the details can help transform the educational environment to the benefit of all, and how to optimize your school space with the correct furniture selection for your application to meet your seating capacities.

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Palmer Hamilton Cafeteria Tables and Lunch Tables With Attached Stools

Palmer Hamilton specializes in creating top-notch designs for dining, cafe, and cafeteria spaces for campuses and schools.. Palmer Hamilton offers a wide range  of high-quality bench tables, wall pocket tables, tables with attached stools, and outdoor furniture. For schools and campuses looking for cafeteria tables that can meet their diverse seating needs, please check out some ,  of these impressive cafeteria tables that are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Bench Tables (19F) 

These bench tables are easy to use, easy to move, easy to store and their tabletops can be adjusted from 27", 29" to 30".  They have legs that can be folded into flats forms when they need to be kept aside. The bench table (19F) comes with compression springs that allow easy lifting.  They are mainly rectangular and are not wheelchair accessible.

Bench Table (59TV)

These bench tables offer great flexibility for both students and schools. . They have torsion bars that allow you to lift them effortlessly. Bench table (59TV) is one of the simplest lifting tables with a standard height of 7" door frames. It has an open height of 27" and 29". The center legs act as firm support for carrying weight. The center legs are constructed to withstand the rigorousness of the school surrounding. Bench Table (59TV) comes mainly in a rectangular shape with sizes 8, 10, and 12. Its EdgeGuard features are 5/8” M3 particleboard.  59TV Bench tables are not wheelchair accessible.

Stool Table (60T)

Stool Table (60T) are easy to position and clean.  They can be folded into flat shapes so they take up less space which makes them very easy to store. They are durable tables that are equipped with Poly II swivel casters.. They are uniquely designed with torsion bars that allow you to lift them easily. The stool Table (60T) requires stools as the seats. They also have end leg assemblies that combine with the center wheels to allow weight distribution.

Moving around the table is quick as the center latches can be accessed from either of the table sides. These tables can be accessed by wheelchairs without the stools. Its EdgeGuard™ features are EdgeGuard (standard) with ¾” M3 particleboard. Stool tables are mainly rectangular with sizes 8, 10, and 12.

Folding Table (22M/MT)

These tables are adjustable with legs that can be adjusted from 24"- 32". Its durability and toughness allow it to withstand the rigors in schools. Folding Table (22M/MT) comes in different shapes including Octagon, Square, Oval, elongated, and round. Folding Table (22M/MT) is wheelchair accessible.

PHlip Folding Table

PHlip Folding Table is suitable for not just cafeterias but conference rooms and breakrooms. Its tabletops can be adjusted to 42" high and easily flipped up and down into your desired purpose. It comes with the "standard" and "pub" height options. PHlip Folding Table is wheelchair accessible.

Shaped Table (59T)

Shaped tables have torsion bars that allow easy lifting. Shaped Table (59T) Provide attached surround seating. Shapes tables offer floor protection and are oil, water, and chemical resistant. Shaped tables are wheelchair accessible. Shaped tables have a powder coat finish that makes the table durable and tough to withstand school rigors.

Convertible Bench/Table (34M)

Convertible bench can be converted from a cafeteria table to a bench. The bench is suitable for younger kids as it offers low tabletop height. Convertible Bench/Table (34/35) is mainly rectangular and its tabletop can be adjusted to 25", 27",29" and 30”. Wheelchair accessible models are available. Educational institutions have benefited from these top-quality products as they were able to get appropriate furniture that fits into their school space and institutional need. Information about Palmer Hamilton's high-quality cafeteria tables can help institutions make helpful decisions when purchasing cafeteria tables.